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Phillip Fox is a  photo and UAV (drone) specialist, using the latest Nikon digital camera equipment DJI and 3DR UAV (drone) technology and the most advanced editing software to achive amazing results. 

Phill's work has been featured in local media, publications and exhibitions.


With a focus on aerial photo and video using DJI and 3DR drones, remote area landscapes, underwater photo and video using Nikon cameras, lenses and GoPros talk to us about your specific needs. 

Aerial footage is produced upto 4K losless video and 16MP stills both in RAW format for total post production flexibility perfect for selling your property, advertising your business from a different prospective or survey of difficult to access assets at a fraction of the conventional cost. 

All photos on the site are for sale framed or unframed and the size you require. 

Realestate, advertising and survey footage can be delivered in original or edited form, including stills.

We are fully compliant with CAA NZ part 101.

Contact us to discuss any ideas you may have.

Based in Fremantle we are available for projects through out WA, Australia and NZ.

Roaring 40's Photography

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